Gordon Ramsay’s delicious fondant potatoes recipe

Fondant potatoes are a classic French dish that combines the crispy and soft textures that spuds are revered for.

The secret to achieving this delectable finish lies in a meticulous cooking technique, but Gordon Ramsay’s approach has been described as dead easy to follow.

Ramsay’s advice to anyone attempting fondant potatoes is to pick a good variety of spuds, his personal favourite being the Desirée, according to the Guardian.

The chef notes that the variety is robust, and both waxy and floury in texture, while other types of potato like the King Edward variety are more fluffy, making them ideal for the dish too.

Countless British cooks have put the recipe to the test since Ramsay put the dish in the spotlight, with many leaving comments online.

Commenting on the recipe for the website A Glug of Oil, one person wrote: “Made these [….] many times now. Dead simple and looks identical.”


Two of four Desirée potatoes

One tablespoon of olive oil

40 grams knob of unsalted butter

Two sprigs of thyme

200ml chicken stock

Black pepper and sea salt to season.



  1. Peel the potatoes and slice the sides off to flatten. Peel into barrel shapes (but with two flat sides). Now, using the speed peeler or sharp knife, take the edge off all the way around. Repeat on the other side of each potato to stop the edges from burning.
  2. Season the potatoes and heat a glug of oil in a frying pan just big enough to take both potatoes. Once the oil is hot, add the potatoes and cook them for a couple of minutes before turning them. They should be nicely coloured on one side and lightly browned on the other.
  3. Making sure that the more coloured of the two sides is facing up, add the thyme sprigs and the butter. Leave to cook for roughly five minutes over medium heat so that the butter can foam.
  4. Carefully add enough chicken stock to submerge the bottom half of the potatoes. Cover the frying pan and put it in the middle shelf of your preheated oven for up to 25 minutes, allowing the potatoes enough time to soak up the stock.
  5. Make sure the potatoes are cooked through before serving alone any dish of your liking.
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