There is no reason to act like kids when you are finally inside the quest room. You must still act like adults when it is time to conquer Escape Hour. One thing to remember would be to look at the cameras and curse the people who are watching. You need to remember that it is all just a game so better not leave your manners behind in Calgary or Edmonton. Before entering the quest room, the staff will tell you all about the rules and regulations and you must follow them all. The sole purpose of this game would be to entertain you until you have the time of your lives.a

The reviews on the Internet say Escape Hour has been a solid entertaining one hour. You know they decorated the interiors of the escape room Edmonton in such a way that they got some inspiration from some movies. If you look a bit closer, you may be able to spot a few pop culture references. Those who don’t watch that much movies will probably not be able to spot them, The first rule of thumb would be to put all your stuff inside the locker room. Besides, you won’t really need to bring any of them inside the quest room with the hopes of coming out on top. You will only need to bring your common sense in the room.

If you hide your phone and the staff notices it, they may decide to stop the game and make you hand it over to them. Besides, there is no need to worry about the safety of all your personal belongings as they are safe and sound. Another thing to keep in mind would be to destroy some stuff inside the escape room.

Remember those are the property of Escape Hour and you will be in deep trouble if anything gets damaged. It would be time to behave and just watch out for all the twists and turns that would happen anytime you are in the quest game. It is all about the element of surprise when you look surprised when a monster comes out of nowhere. Of course, the villain would largely depend on the game that you choose. Thus, better expect that to appear at some point of the game. It can be the middle or near the end. Also, better stop doing the mannerisms because you know that would distract the rest.