Most people go about eating a banana the same way, peel from the top and then bite – or chop into a fruit salad.

However, the late Queen Elizabeth II allegedly went about it in a pretty unique way.

Darren Mcgrady, who previously served as a chef for the Royal Family, namely Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry, spoke to Recipes Plus about the late monarch’s fruit habits.

He revealed how the late Queen would go about eating a banana – and of course it was very elegant and dignified.

Darren claimed: “With a banana, she’ll cut off the bottoms and cut the banana lengthwise, and then cut the banana into tiny slices to eat with a fork.”

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She had an even more peculiar way of eating pears too, apparently, that doesn’t involve simply biting into it.

Eating a pear is straightforward stuff for non-royals, but this was not the case for the Queen.

He claimed: “She eats her pears like boiled eggs. She’ll cut off the top and scoop out the insides with a spoon.”

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With these two fruit habits one could assume that there were certain fruits she didn’t want to bite straight into.

Instead, she made them more digestible and bite-sized, displaying her gold standard etiquette.

While the late Queen’s fruit habit was a little atypical, the younger royals have some very normal eating habits.

Kate, Princess of Wales once revealed the takeaway the family enjoys for a touch of comfort food.

She also revealed some of her childrens’ favourite meals and snacks – Prince Louis is a fan of one unexpected vegetable, while Prince George is in love with a particular Italian dish.

Princess Charlotte has some very mature tastebuds, enjoying an unusual snack that’s definitely an acquired taste.

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