Omelettes and frittatas may look similar but the time they take to cook can vary greatly.

Colourful egg frittatas are cooked slowly over low heat while an omelette is cooked quickly over higher heat.

While the vegetable-packed dish is ordinarily the more time-consuming breakfast option, a nutritionist turned-food blogger has mastered a super speedy version that can be made in the air fryer.

Sharing the quick recipe on her blog, Rachna Cooks, Rachna claimed that it is both “convenient and mess-free”.

She said: “Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, air fryer frittata is a breakfast game changer. If you love eggs, you will love this one-pot breakfast option.”

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  • Six medium eggs (room temperature)
  • A handful of cheddar cheese
  • Leftover or fresh chopped vegetables – (spinach, spring onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, peppers)
  • Salt and pepper 

Rachna noted that six eggs are enough for a family-sized portion but this can be reduced to four, or three depending on the amount of people eating. The quantities of cheese and vegetables should also be amended accordingly.

Olive oil and a dash of milk are also useful for a “tastier” frittata.

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Unlike most frittata recipes, this one does not require a preheated air fryer. In fact, this will make it more difficult to handle according to Rachna.

Before making the mixture, start by lining a cake tin or case into the fryer basket with some oil or butter to grease.

Once the fryer is ready, crack the eggs into a large bowl taking care to avoid the shells. Then, chop the vegetables into even-sized chunks and set them aside along with the grated cheese.

Whisk the cracked eggs and season with salt and pepper to taste. Other seasonings such as dried herbs, chilli flakes or paprika can be added at this point too.

Beat the mixture once more before adding the cheese and vegetables, then stir gently until everything is combined.

Pour the mixture into the cake case or tin and place it carefully inside the air fryer basket.

Close the air fryer and cook at 180C for 12 to 17 minutes until the frittata is cooked. Rachna noted that the amount of eggs used will determine the thickness of the mixture and exactly how long it needs to cook.

To check if it is ready, poke the frittata with a knife in the centre. When it comes out clean, the mixture is fully cooked. Use a spatula to carefully slide the cooked dish out onto a plate, then cut and serve.

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