My pescetarian side of me


  1. 1 frozen cheese pizza
  2. Any veggies you have/ or like
  3. Dash Italian seasoning
  4. 1 good Quality of cheese
  5. My toppings I used
  6. Diced fresh spinach
  7. Sliced mushrooms
  8. Italian seasoning
  9. White sharp cheddar cheese
  10. Parmesan cheese


  1. Follow instructions on back of pizza for cooking.

  2. Placed all veggies on the pizza, sprinkle Italian seasoning all over it, add cheese over the veggies, cook in the oven, and top with parmesan cheese and some hot sauce.

  3. Hot tips use veggies that are starting to go bad, or the veggies you have know idea what to do with because you had extra veggies left from another recipe.

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