I homeschool one of my children and we did this . The kids used hot dogs I used a vegan dog. I will link the YouTube video that we watch to make the solar ovens. I plan on making differentsolar ovens and experimenting with different recipes…we will be getting into solar cooking more … does anyone do solar cooking? And if so what kind of ovens do you have, do you make it or buy them?

You can find how to make this on Pinterest also
PLEASE CHECK THE Guidelines for food safety I believe hotdogs is 140 safe to eat . I had to google it.


  1. Hot dogs
  2. Sunshine
  3. Solar hot dog oven
  4. Solar ovens
  5. 1 can Pringles
  6. sticks Wooden shish kebab
  7. Hot glue gun
  8. Plastic wrap
  9. Tape
  10. Scissors
  11. Knife


  1. Empty contents of the chip can, enjoy ? eating the chips

    Using a straight edge draw a rectangle on the side of the can. We used this side because there were lines already.

    Use your knife to cut the rectangle out. (save the part you cut out that is the stand)

  2. Using your skewer, poke a hole through the plastic lid.

    Take skewer out and put plastic lid on to bottom of can.

    Mark can where hole should go on the bottom of the can.

  3. Drill hole with drill in bottom of can, we just used a knife

  4. Put skewer through the lid, the center of can, and the bottom hole.

  5. Use the rectangle piece we cut out to make a stand. This will help keep the oven from flipping over.

    Take the scrap piece and run a bead of hot glue along the center of the piece. Do not put on the shiny side.

  6. Place the scap piece to the can. Try to make sure that when the solar oven is set down that it will be angled at the sun and not straight up or straight forward. We eyeballed it.

  7. If you want to be exact, use a protractor to determine angle. Different parts of the world get different angles of sunlight and an oven angled properly will get more direct sunlight into the oven causing higher temps.

    The stand also allows for different angles. Just rotate the can on its side. Experiment with it and you will see.

  8. We added plastic wrap to one to keep heat in. We experimented to see which oven cooks hotdogs better.

  9. Tape plastic wrap on the backside of can, front side and on the ends as well. The end with the lid wasn’t taped up as much because of the lid.

  10. Put hotdogs on wooden stick place in the sun, should take one – two hrs with outside temperatures at 70

  11. Hot tips, try it with marshmallows use new wooden stick if cooking something different, or saving the ovens for later use. When making the ovens have a parent help when using knives/ safety first o

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