Simply put, this little rice ball has earned its place as a beloved street food in Sicily. I trust in the Italian pallet, and I have seen this dish perform highly EVERYTIME!I am adding my risotto recipe, because if you make bad risotto, you are wasting your time. Risotto is one of those dishes where your experience can range from life changing to horrible. Trust in this recipe, I’ve used it countless times!!There are many variations of this dish, utilizing many different meats, cheeses, and vegetables!ENJOY❤️


  1. Risotto
  2. 3-4 tablespoons olive oil
  3. 2 C Arborio rice
  4. 4 oz white wine
  5. 32 oz chicken stock
  6. 1 egg
  7. Pinch salt
  8. Arancini Balls
  9. 4 oz Mozzarella cut into 1/2 inch squares
  10. Panko crumbs
  11. 2 eggs beaten
  12. AP flour


  1. In a large sauté pan, heat olive oil on medium-high, then add rice. Stir the rice quickly for 2 minutes. Use only Arborio rice, it is the only way:)

  2. Add white wine, continue to stir

  3. Continue medium-high heat, and begin to pour chicken stock into the rice in small portions as the rice cooks away each addition of stock, add more until the stock is gone. Once rice is al dente remove from heat, and salt to taste.

  4. After cooling a bit, add egg, and stir well! Place into storage container and refrigerate 24 hours.

  5. After 24 hours of refrigeration, roll into approximately 2 inch ball, push a square of mozzarella into the center of the rice ball, and enclose. Do this with entirety of risotto 🙂

  6. Once balls are formed, and stuffed with mozzarella, roll in flour, then roll into egg mixture, followed by a nice neat rolling of Panko breading. Finish all rice balls in this fashion, and place back into a refrigerator for 30 minutes. See step 7 for cooking information.

  7. For best results: Fry 1 ball, in a deep fryer as a test run, watching for color, cheese inside, etc.. 5 minutes in a 400° fryer should be enough. It is always smart to test a couple in case adjustments are needed. Golden brown is best!

  8. Serve and enjoy with any number of sauces, dips, etc…

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