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Chicken Pot Pie

We’re not sure what we love more about Katie’s savory pot pies — the flaky, puff pastry topping or the fact that everyone gets a whole, individual-size pie to themselves!

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All-Crust Sheet Pan Chicken Pot Pie

Wishing your pot pie had more buttery, golden crust? This easy sheet pan version has you covered. The filling is spread thin and then topped with strips of puff pastry for the perfect crust-to-filling ratio in every bite.

Get the Recipe:All-Crust Sheet Pan Chicken Pot Pie

Vegetarian Pot Pie

This all-veggie version of the classic pot pie is full of flavor, thanks to meaty mushrooms, aromatic fennel and plenty of fresh herbs.

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Veggie Pot Pie with Cornmeal Pie Crust

We love a good twist on the classic pot pie — and that’s exactly what Damaris gives us with her all-veggie version. Not only does she skip the poultry and fill hers up with hearty root vegetables and mushrooms, but she also adds some cornmeal to her homemade crust for a little extra sweetness.

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Chickless Pot Pie

Trisha’s vegetarian take on pot pie is just as decadent as its chicken counterpart, even without the poultry. The luscious veggie filling could be a meal on its own but wrapping int in pie dough seals in the flavor and give the whole dish a nice, flaky crust.

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Chicken Pot Pie Pockets

If the crust is your favorite part of a pot pie then this quick-and-easy recipe is for you! Instead of baking the creamy filling in a baking dish or pie pan, it’s tucked into a small pocket of buttery pastry for a savory, hand-held treat — with plenty of golden-brown crust in every bite!

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Pretzel Pot Pie

A chewy, salty, dumpling-like pretzel topping is the perfect complement to the creamy chicken pot pie filling in this re-imagination of a classic comfort food favorite.

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Chicken and Biscuit Pot Pie

Ellie give her healthy pot pie a simple twist; she skips the pie dough and tops her chicken and veggies with homemade whole-wheat biscuits instead.

Get the Recipe:Chicken and Biscuit Pot Pie

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Sunny uses quick-cooking chicken tenders and store-bought pie crust to save time and effort when making pot pie. The only catch? If you buy frozen pie crust, make you plan ahead — you’ll need to thaw it before you can make this recipe.

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Spicy Cajun Chicken Pot Pie

This chicken pot pie (with Cajun seasoning and tangy pickled jalapenos) gets a simple pie-crust cracker before serving — for all the comfort and none of the hassle!

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Chicken Pot Pie

This fan-favorite recipe has more than 1,000 rave reviews — and it’s easy to see why. Ina keeps things classic by smothering chicken and vegetables in a rich, creamy sauce and topping everything with a buttery, golden crust.

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Butternut Squash Chicken Pot Pie

Butternut squash is right at home in this classic dish. It’s got a subtle sweetness that pairs perfectly with the chicken and veggies and adds extra heft, making this beloved comfort food even more satisfying.

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Beef Pot Pies

Ree skips the chicken in these wintry pot pies — and replaces it with beef. She uses stew meat which is reasonably priced and full of flavor. This recipe is sure to be a family-favorite.

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Chicken Pot Pie

You can always make chicken pot pie with store-bought crust but Ree’s recipe gives us a delicious incentive to make our own: she adds fresh thyme leaves to the pastry for extra flavor.

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Deconstructed Chicken Pot Pie

Ree bakes her crust separate from the filling and pops it on top when it’s time to serve. This allows her to make her pot pies on record time — just 16 minutes!

Get the Recipe:Deconstructed Chicken Pot Pie

Turkey Pot Pie

This recipe is one of our favorite ways to use up leftover roasted turkey. Simply shred the turkey and then combine it with veggies and an easy-to-make sauce for a hearty and satisfying pot pie in no time.

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Teriyaki Chicken and Gingered Vegetable Pot Pie

How do you reinvent pot pie without changing all the things that make the dish a classic? Keep the creamy filling and buttery crust — but play with the flavors. That’s exactly what Geoffrey does with his teriyaki-inspired take, flavored with a bit of fresh grated ginger.

Get the Recipe:Teriyaki Chicken and Gingered Vegetable Pot Pie

Lobster Pot Pie with Gruyere Tarragon Biscuit Crust

Katie upgrades this classic comfort food by replacing the poultry with lobster and the pie crust with a cheese-and-herb biscuit topping. Best of all, this elevated take is easy to make and ready in just over an hour.

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Pizza Pot Pie

Inspired by the famous pizza pot pie served at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co., we dreamed up a homemade version with the same oozy cheese goodness by using store-bought pizza dough and extra-melty sliced Havarti cheese from the deli case.

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Slimmed Down – Chicken Pot Pie

Who ever said you have to skip all your favorite comfort foods in the name of healthy eating? This slimmed-down version packs all the flavor of the classic even though it relies on a few better-for-you tweaks.

Get the Recipe:Slimmed Down – Chicken Pot Pie

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