Washing oily pan is not my favorite thing to do.
I recently got an Air Fryer to make cooking easier ^^
No oil needed!


  1. 2 Potatoes
  2. Cheese of any kind
  3. Sheets – Egg roll or Spring roll
  4. Salt
  5. Black pepper


  1. Prepare ingredients. Use cheese of any kind. Slice cheese would work too. I used Organic potatoes here so I didn’t peel the skin.

  2. Cut potatoes into small pieces. Cover with “Microwave safe” plastic wrap on top.

  3. Microwave until potato feels soft enough to mash. (I did 6 min)

  4. Mash potato. Add little water for smooth texture. Add salt/black pepper.

  5. Place Egg roll sheets on flat surface

  6. Add mashed potato, then put cheese on top

  7. Fold Egg roll sheets in order (continue)

  8. (Continued) Fold, then put water to seal the top.

  9. Put them into Air Fryer. Set timer for 10-15 min/330 F.

  10. IT’S VERY HOT. Wait a little and cut into half. Enjoy!

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