1. 1 French bread loaf
  2. Sour cream
  3. Mustard
  4. Sliced cheddar cheese
  5. Thin slice ham
  6. Thin slice Turkey
  7. Thin slice chicken
  8. 1 pkg hot dogs
  9. slices Tomato
  10. slices Avocado


  1. Slice open your French bread loaf and pull some of the breading out.

  2. Bake your loaf for about 8 minutes at 275.

  3. Cut your hot dogs down the middle then in half..add oil to frying pan and cook hot dogs to your liking.. I like mine done!!

  4. Put sour cream and mustard as you like.. spread together on loaf. Add slice cheese down the loaf.

  5. Then add your 3 Meats. Go down loaf twice with each.. then put your cooked hot dogs on there. Now add tomatoes and avocado. Now you have a sub!! Enjoy!!

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