I trythis mint lemonade with one more ingredient for my guests in iftaar they likes the different taste . So I m sharing with you guys .


  1. 1 bunch mint leaves
  2. 1 lemon small size
  3. 4 tbsp suger
  4. 1/4 tap black salt
  5. 2 cups water
  6. 1/2 cup white cold drink
  7. Lemon slices for garnishing
  8. Mint leaves for garnishing


  1. Take a blender.add mint leaves,lemon juice,water,suger and blend it well.

  2. Now strain juice in another jug.

  3. At the time of serving.take one glass rub lemon on the tip of glass and dip in the suger bow you glass is ready

  4. Now add ice cubes

  5. Lemon slices

  6. Mint leaves

  7. Add white cold drink in glass and then add juice

  8. Now add black salt.

  9. Mix it with straw and serve it.I hope you like this different taste…

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