This is more of a method than a recipe. The long slow braise after the smoking process makes all the difference! Feeds a crowd and is very delicious!


  1. 1 (5-8 lb) bone in pork shoulder (Butt)
  2. as needed Your favorite rub
  3. as needed Prepared yellow mustard
  4. as needed Hickory chips
  5. as needed Apple juice


  1. Liberally coat your pork shoulder with your rub and then apply a liberal coat of yellow mustard. Put in refrigerator uncovered for at least 12 hours.

  2. Prepare smoker or grill. Soak hickory chips in hot water for at least 30 minutes. I like my smoker to be between 225-250 degrees.

  3. Smoke pork shoulder for 2-3 hours with a nice constant smoke. I usually will flip over once. I’m not trying to cook at this point, just smoke.

  4. When done smoking put pork shoulder in a large roasting pan. Add enough apple cider to come up around 1/2″ along the side of your pan. This will become your sauce. Cover with a lid and cook at 225 degrees. This will take some time. For a 7-8 pound shoulder you can figure around 7 hours. I promise you it is worth your time.

  5. Pork shoulder will be done when you can easily pull out the bone. Refer to picture.

  6. When cool enough to handle, shred with two forks, your hands or a knife. Season the meat with your rub as you go. Use the sauce left in your pan to moisten the meat. Feeds a crowd. Freezes well. Have fun. Enjoy. Message me with any questions you might have.

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