This recipe is not only simple to cook but also delicious to eat! I recommend everyone to try this recipe!


  1. Gochujang Hot pepper paste
  2. Kimchi
  3. Cooked Rice
  4. Sesame Oil
  5. Seaweed[Optional]
  6. Sesame Seed[Optional]


  1. Measure One Cup of Kimchi

  2. Add Sesame Oil onto Pan and Stir Fry the Kimchi for a 1 minute!

  3. Add Cooked Rice onto the Stir Fried Kimchi,turn to medium heat and mix it well

  4. Add Kimchi Juice and Gochujang. Mix Well and add abit more sesame oil! Remember to continue mixing!

  5. Now,Cut the seaweed into small pieces and place it on top of the Kimchi fried Rice. Add sesame seed and Food is served!

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