1. Bitter Gourds
  2. Oil
  3. to taste salt
  4. 3 onions
  5. 3 tomatoes
  6. 2 green chilies
  7. 1 half chicken boneless
  8. Tip n trick :
  9. Wash bitter guards with salt twice to remove bitterness


  1. Cut the chicken in small pieces and keep aside.

  2. Now chopp all the vegies.

  3. Now preheat oil in a pan over high flame and add onions to it. Fry it for 5 minutes let it be white.

  4. Now add Bitter Gourds and salt to it. Fry on high flame for 30 minutes or until brown.

  5. In another pan preheat oil and fry chicken on high flame until brown. keep aside.

  6. When the Bitter Gourds turn brown add fried chicken to it. Mix it well.

  7. Now add chopped tomatoes to it and cook it on low flame for 5 minutes with lid covered.

  8. Now mix it well and it’s ready to serve with naan or tortillas. It won’t be bitter anymore trust me. Garnish with chilies.

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