READY IN: 3hrs


  • Meatballs
  • 500gground beef
  • 250gground pork
  • 1onion, finely chopped(I assume a medium yellow onion)
  • 1garlic clove (crushed or minced)
  • 100gbreadcrumbs
  • 1egg
  • 5tablespoonswhole milk
  • salt and pepper (to taste, "generous" is in original)
  • 1dashoil
  • Cream Sauce
  • 40gbutter (I would use unsalted)
  • 40gall-purpose flour
  • 150mlvegetable stock
  • 150mlbeef stock
  • 150ml thick double cream (use heavy whipping cream in US)
  • 2teaspoonssoy sauce
  • 1teaspoonDijon mustard

    Serving Size: 1 (372) g

    Servings Per Recipe:4

    Calories: 818.3

    Calories from Fat 518 g 63 %

    Total Fat 57.6 g 88 %

    Saturated Fat 27.3 g 136 %

    Cholesterol 252.2 mg 84 %

    Sodium 736.5 mg 30 %

    Total Carbohydrate30.8 g 10 %

    Dietary Fiber 1.9 g 7 %

    Sugars 3.9 g 15 %

    Protein 42.3 g 84 %


  • Combine beef and pork and work thoroughly with your hands to eliminate any lumps or areas that aren’t thoroughly combined.
  • Add onion, garlic, breadcrumbs and egg and mix.
  • Add milk and season well with salt and pepper.
  • Shape into small, round balls and place on platter. Cover and refrigerate for at least two hours – this will help them hold shape.
  • Heat a little oil in a frying pan and brown the meatballs. Transfer to an ovenproof dish, cover and bake for 30 minutes in a 180 deg C oven (160 deg convection).
  • Meanwhile, prepare the iconic Swedish cream sauce. Melt the butter in a saucepan. When melted, stir in the flour and whisk for two minutes.
  • Add the vegetable and beef stocks and continue to stir.
  • Add the double cream, soy sauce and mustard and bring to a simmer. Continue to stir and simmer until the sauce has thickened.
  • Serve with boiled or mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam/sauce.
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