It’s a prerequisite to have this slice before you get to move on to the others. The recipe hasn’t changed since 1950, and for good reason: it’s smooth, creamy, tangy, and gets stuck to the roof of your mouth.

Blueberry Cheesecake

You’re sleeping on the blueberry! It hasa warmth to it, as if it were swimming in brown sugar and cinnamon.The macaroon crumble topping with the blueberry gives you warm, homey, middle of October-in-Maine vibes.

Brownie Explosion Cheesecake

This is only for true fudgy-brownie lovers. You’ll most likely need some help taking this one down because it is DENSE. Putting brownie and cheesecake is unfair for the rest on this list, truthfully.

Apple Crumb Cheesecake

They don’t skimp on the crumb; there are enough thick brown sugar chunks for every single bite. The combination of the crunchy crumb, creamy cheesecake, and apple slices will take you to an apple orchard in the middle of fall. I highly recommend this for your next Thanksgiving soiree.

Golden Fudge Layer Cake

I don’t even like yellow cake and this was by far my favorite cake. The chocolate frosting is like the whipped canned grocery kind, but luxe. I took the leftovers of this one home and ate it all… in 24 hours.

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

It’s coated with tiny chocolate chipsgiving a wonderful crunch and the chocolate mousse is like a frozen pudding. Think of a frozen snack pack with cream cheese—you can’t go wrong.

Devil’s Food Cheesecake

This left me speechless. The moist, dense chocolate is essentially fudge and the only thing that could make this cheesecake better is a jug of milk.

New Yorker Cake Shake

This is the most beautiful, show-stopping dessert you can get at Junior’s. The strawberry shake is closer to a strawberry soda in texture and, oh yeah, did I mention it comes with an ENTIRE slice of strawberry cheesecake on it?? A true masterpiece.
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