This may be controversial, but I’m gonna say it: I prefer this more than the candy. The peanut butter ice cream has the texture of frozen mousse and the chocolatey cake delivers some crunch.
2. Creamsicle

It wouldn’t be a “Julia Tries Everything” story if I didn’t recommend putting something in alcohol: This vanilla-orange treat is happy hour gold when dunked in a glass of bubbly or enjoyed alongside a shot of vanilla whipped vodka.
3. Strawberry Shortcake

More than 100 years old, this layered vanilla cake-coated bar is a true icon. The sweet strawberry core is less creamy ice cream, more fruity ice pop.
4. Oreo

Hands down my favorite bar of the bunch. It’s Oreo overload: The ice cream is loaded with big hunks, then coated in crushed cookies. Ore-OMG.
5. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart

TBH, after tasting more than 30 Pop-Tarts this summer (yup), I wasn’t jumping to try this one. So I was shocked when I kinda loved it; the brown sugar flavor will give you major fall vibes.
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