Husband loves sandwiches but dont always like them cold add lettuce mayo make w Turkey ham etc to your liking add as much meat or as little! Quick n easy kids love!


  1. However many slices of bread you want
  2. Whatever kind of meat u choose 2 to 3 slices for each sandwich
  3. 1-2 slices cheese
  4. Any condiments ketchup mustard mayo etc
  5. Non stick spray


  1. Once you sprayed mini grill w non stick add bread you can butter 1 side or bother if u wish

  2. Grill closed until a little lighter than preferred darkened color

  3. Add just meat! And close again if you do many layers like I do recluse between each layer of meat! This will help you ensure each layer will be grilled n warm for u

  4. Open and of u wish for condiments to be warm add on other slice now along w cheese put sandwiches together and recluse grill for a few seconds

  5. Enjoy

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