A lot of times I want to experiment, and go through in cleaning my fridge and cabinets. After about 7 drinks later I come up with thisAmazing complication.


  1. Fish sticks (cheap ones)
  2. Leftover diced tomatoes or rotella
  3. Lettuce
  4. Onions
  5. Avocados ranch dressing
  6. Cheese, Mexican and mozzarella
  7. Tortilla shells, cheap
  8. Random seasoning


  1. Random cheap ass fish sticks.

  2. Leftover tortilla shell. Warming into of the fish stick cooker.

  3. Lettuce, leftover chik-a-fila avocado ranch dressing, onions and week old ro-tel. I kept saying rotella, but this is what I meant. It wasnt bad.

  4. Mix dem shits up! Thyme, cilantro, cumin, and some other crap.

  5. Ghetto ass fish sticks! Surprisingly amazing. A treat for anyone.

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