Do you only have some rice and some leftover meat, vegetables? Dump them together for a quick simple meal!


  1. Required
  2. 250 g Rice
  3. Whatever vegetables you have left
  4. Ham, or whatever meat you have left


  1. Microwave the rice, if you don’t have any, about 2 rice cups of rice and into the rice cooker it goes. Fill it with 2cup worth of water, look at the side of the rice cooker bowl

  2. Prepare a pot with water and bring to boil, off the fire then put your raw vegetables (microwave if its leftovers) and let it simmer in for 4 minutes. Take the vegetables and place them into a clean plate. It wilm be your serving plate.

  3. For chicken or any kind of meat, pan frying with some oil (not required) for 3-5minutes on high heat. After the chicken is white or ham/bacon is no longer translucent, put desired amount of rice and vegetables into the pan and start stir frying everything together for another 3-4minutes on medium heat.

  4. Off the stove and sprinkle a pinch of salt over the pan and do a last turn over of the fried rice and serve onto plate.

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