No story. Just a technique I learned by watching Martha years and years ago.I probably make this every other week.


  1. Skinless boneless chicken breast
  2. 1 tbsp butter per chicken breast
  3. Salt. Pepper. Paprika? Thyme? Parsley?


  1. Read the whole recipe first (it’ll take you 40 seconds). Decide how many chicken breast you are going to cook. That’s how much butter you need.

  2. Pat the chicken dry and butterfly each breast.

  3. Then put the butterflied chicken between two pieces of plastic wrap or parchment. What ever you have is just fine. Or you can leave it uncovered. I just don’t like chicken juice flying everywhere.

  4. Pound the dickens out of the chicken. Really. Make it flat.

  5. Uncover and Season. Salt. Pepper. Parsley. The less the better in this case but don’t skimp on the salt. Just don’t go crazy. Any herbs you add to the top will likely burn on the high heat and taste bitter. Eeeew.

  6. You will need a large FLAT frying pan. Get it hot. Add 1 tbsp of butter and melt. Don’t let the butter burn! Don’t walk away. Immediately put one chicken breast into the pan seasoning side down. It should make a lot of noise.

  7. Cook On high for several minutes until it’s very brown. Flip. And then get a clean surface to put the chicken on. A plate. A cutting board. Whatever. Just not paper towels. You want the butter to be left on after cooking for flavor.

  8. Cook on second side for a couple minutes. This will go FAST. The pan is hot and the chicken is thin. Don’t over cook it. Just brown. Then remove the chicken to your clean surface and lightly cover with tinfoil.

  9. Repeat with your other chicken pieces. One at a time. Adding a pat of butter for each piece. Really- you need the butter for flavor. If you are counting calories make sure you count the butter.

  10. Now you can do anything with this. Add to salad – cold or hot. Eat with potatos – Mashed or baked. Put over pasta. Put on a sandwich. What’s your fancy? Do what you want. We usually cut it up and put it on a big green vegie salad.

  11. But in this case, I made parsley garlic mashed potatoes And whipped up some gravy from the drippings in the pan. And whalaaaaa……. we had mashed chicken bowls.

  12. Remember to be happy and relaxed. Enjoy the experience and the food will taste better. (And no sneaking!!)

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