So I was running late and had no time to make breakfast and didn’t find anything around me that is low in calories so I could grab it and go, I also didn’t make anything the night before hand because I was out. So this is a helpful (I hope) low carb-on the run breakfast, enjoy!


  1. 1 strawberry greek yogurt
  2. 3 T rolled oatmeal
  3. 24 grams peanuts
  4. 5 pieces blueberries


  1. Let the yogurt and the blueberries cool down for a bit.

  2. You could also put your oatmeal in a pan and stir them a little until they become nicely brown but I had no time lol.

  3. Crush the peanuts and leave some big pieces to enjoy the crunch and mix them all together.

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