I’ve been a little quiet on here lately… Figured it’s time for a new recipe ♥

These buffalo chicken tacos are so easy to make but packed full of flavor. Like most of my recipes, this one came from me raiding the fridge to see what needed to be used. In this case I had leftover store bought rotisserie chicken, blue cheese, and a tomato.

I’m actually craving one now as I’m writing this ?.


  1. Rotisserie Chicken (Shredded)
  2. Your favorite buffalo sauce- I prefer Texas Pete's Mild Wild Wing Sauce
  3. Corn Tortillas
  4. Blue Cheese
  5. Chopped or Shredded Lettuce
  6. Diced Tomatoes


  1. Prep all your ingredients. Chop your tomatoes and lettuce, crumble the blue cheese, shred the chicken, and wrap the tortillas in foil. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Preheat a skillet on medium heat. Mix the buffalo sauce into the chicken (just enough to coat all the chicken well.) Once pan is heated add the chicken and sauce. Cook just until chicken is hot and the sauce has cooked down. While the chicken is cooking warm the tortillas in the oven. I actually used my toaster oven because I was just cooking for me. You can use the microwave if you like just use paper towels to wrap the tortillas instead of foil.

  3. That’s all! Now you just need to assemble and eat ?. I layered my lettuce on the tortilla first to help keep the tortillas from getting soggy. Then the chicken, tomatoes, and cheese.

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