1. 1 bag crawfish
  2. Minced Garlic… Sofrito Sazon and onion powder,parsley
  3. Lemon pepper and oldbay seasoning
  4. Already cooked sausage
  5. Shrimp Scampi sauce
  6. Butter, sugar,water,pepper


  1. Bring a pot with water and seasonings to a boil

  2. Next add crawfish for 10 to 15 mins then add already cooked sausage next add shrimp..Take the pot off of the stove as soon as the shrimp turn pink

  3. Remove shrimp and sausage from the pot first so they won’t over cook.Then place in another pot or bowl next place crawfish in the same bowl as the shrimp and sausage

  4. In a medium pot place a half stick of butter and shrimp scampi sauce(I used Wal-Mart great value) alil sugar garlic powder and onion powder next alil pepper then add alil water…let everything simmer this will be the butter sauce to drizzle over crawfish broil

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