An easy recipewith few ingredients for these laddus that taste divine ??


  1. 1 teaspoon cardamom powder
  2. 1 cup sweetened condensed milk
  3. 2 cups desiccated coconut
  4. 1 teaspoon ghee


  1. Set the flame on low

  2. Add a teaspoon of ghee and wait till it melts

  3. Add the coconut and saute well on low flame for about 3-4 minutes. Don’t let it change its colour

  4. Add cardamom powder and mix well

  5. Add the condensed milk and cook till it gets thick

  6. Keep it aside but don’t let it cool completely

  7. When it is slightly warm, start moulding it into little balls. (Forming laddus)

  8. Your coconut laddus are ready to devour ?? Enjoy ???

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