I walked to pick n save from my house (about 6 blocks each way) and I didn’t bring anything so it just me and the 3 bags I had in my hands. And when I got halfway to my house (about 6 blocks) all the bags tore open ??? so I had to put them all into one bag that had a big hole in it with a box I put in first to cover the hole. So there I am walking and the hole just got bigger until it broke (my milk broke put I saved most of it) ? and a had to take my shirt off to make a sack for it all I must have looked like a crack head walking down the street ??? but I didn’t care I wanted to make my mom and me some shakes. ? (true story)

Thank god for phones with GPS’s in them.


  1. 4 bananas cut up
  2. 1 lot of chocolate sauce
  3. 1 lot of caramel sauce
  4. 2 tablespoons Peter Pan peanut butter
  5. 2 teaspoons cocoa powder (not the drug). ?


  1. DO NOT ADD ICE Blend it up in your blender and you good to go.? put ice into your drink and then add the stuff. ?

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