the first ever cake i made on my birthday,..8″ baking ring

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    1. for the graham cracker recipe
    2. 70 g crashed graham crackers
    3. 65 g soft unsalted butter
    4. 35 g sugar
    5. Cheese cake recipe
    6. 850 g Philadelphia
    7. 150 g sugar
    8. 3 pcs whole medium size eggs
    9. 380 ml all purpose cream
    10. 1 cup blueberry filling
    11. 1 teaspoon vanilla paste


    1. METHOD:
      1. Combine all ingredients together by hand
      2. Adjust butter if needed
      3. We have to get a ball when we press in the hand
      4. Wrap the bottom of the ring with aluminum foil
      5. bake 10 mins. at 180 C

    2. Cheesecake recipe
      Yield : 27 rings 8 inches

      1. In small pastry mixer attachment, cream cheese with sugar
      2. Gradually add eggs, scraping down constantly
      3. Add vanilla and heavy cream
      4. Poor the mixture in the ring with aluminum foil and graham crackers
      5. Bake at 120 C around 3 hours exhaust closed with a bowl of water.

    3. After baking cool it down in the fridge,,, then when it sets,, spread blueberry filling on top of the cake evenly.. then you can decorate it as well,. enjoy

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