There are few things more frustrating than trying to feed a picky eater. Fortunately, Nicole McLaughlin, our resident mom and star of Mom Vs., has a wealth of knowledge in this particular area. Here are three of our favorite tips for parents of picky eaters (and don’t forget to watch Nicole’s whole video for even more expert advice!):

Cooking dinner shouldn't be complicated

1. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. 

We’re not saying you should lie to your kids, but it’s OK to get a little sneaky. Does your little one hate beans? Sneak mashed beans into taco meat or puree them into hummus. You can also blend up scary fruits and veggies into refreshing smoothies or comforting soups (it never hurts to add cheese). 

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2. A little independence goes a long way. 

Sometimes kids (and adults, for that matter) just want to feel like they’re in control. Involving them in the cooking process is not only beneficial for their long-term health, but it can make certain foods seem less intimidating—and they may be more inclined to sneak a taste or two along the way! You can also set up a DIY buffet in your kitchen to offer the illusion of choice. 

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3. Make food fun. 

You know what’s boring? Grilled chicken with raw veggies on the side. You know what’s exponentially more fun? Grilled chicken and raw veggies on a stick. When in doubt, just remember that kids love dips. Anything’s delicious when it’s dunked ketchup, ranch, barbecue sauce, or cheese. 

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