Cookouts are more important than ever! Whether you are just making a summer weekend evening special for your family or including your extended pod of social distancers, most of us are cooking at home more than ever and taking advantage of the weather to turn off the oven and stove and turn on the grill. But eating and cooking outdoors present their own unique opportunities, and no store is better equipped to make your cookout easy and fun than Costco.

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Sure, Costco always has your back on the basics, from large packs of burgers or hot dogs, to affordable beverages, to every possible size and shape of disposable dinnerware that you could ever need. And while we are all conscious of our carbon footprint these days, many of the options they carry are either recyclable or made of recycled products, and let’s be honest, no one wants to end a gorgeous summer night of fun with two hours of cleanup. You don’t need me to tell you about their great cookout basics or traditional options, but you might want the inside track on some items that are a little more unusual.

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Here are some products you might not know you should be seeking out from Costco for your next cookout, to take things a little next level! Because nothing makes a cookout more special than some surprising elements. Ready to fill up your cart? Let’s go!


Majan’s Bhuja Snacks Crispy Noodle and Nut

Easy snacks to tee off your cookout are always fun, and this Indian-influenced snack mix includes crispy chips and noodles, almonds and cashews, as well as chickpeas and green peas for a seriously addictive Chex-mix style snack with big wow factor.
Buy It: Majan's Bhuja Snacks Crispy Noodle & Nut ($10.69),


Kirkland Signature Quinoa Salad

This family-size salad is very cookout friendly, with a vinaigrette style dressing, so no worry about being outside in warm weather. Full of fresh vegetables like cucumber and tomato, it is the Costco take on a tabbouleh style salad, with the quinoa the star. A great way to get some grains and vegetables into your kids, and a more elegant pairing for your grilled items than the usual slaw or potato salad.
Buy It: Kirkland Signature Quinoa Salad ($12.60),


Grill-Friendly Seafood

Want something extra-special for your cookout? Skip the usual burgers, dogs, steaks, chops, and chicken, and grab some gorgeous protein from the sea. Costco has terrific grillable options from wild ahi tuna steaks, to whole sides of salmon for cedar planking, to super upscale items like wild cold-water lobster tails and red king crab legs and claws.
Buy It: Kirkland Signature Fresh Wild Ahi Tuna ($35.85/pound),


Desserts in the palm of your hand

Any dessert that doesn’t require a plate is always a fun option at a cookout. Costco has all the usual baked treats like cookies and brownies, but how about an unexpected treat like Summ!'s apple pie egg rolls with a caramel dipping sauce? These one-hand wonders are all the satisfaction of an apple pie, wrapped up in a perfect packet. Prefer a frozen treat? Try the My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Variety Pack, with a combo of strawberry, vanilla, and mango ice creams wrapped in soft rice flour coatings, for ice cream you can eat with your fingers.
Buy It: Summ! Apple Pie Spring Rolls With Caramel Sauce ($12.19),; My Mo Mochi Ice Cream Variety ($13.49),


Truly Hard Seltzer

For the adults in your cookout group who might want to hydrate with a little something extra, Costco to the rescue with Truly brand hard seltzer. Pick up the variety pack featuring six different flavors; with just 100 calories a can and low alcohol and low sugar to boot, they may become your backyard BBQ hero.
Buy It: Truly Hard Seltzer Hard Seltzer Variety Pack, Spiked & Sparkling Water ($24.89),


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