Taco ‘Bout a Good Friend

1. Cut 5-in. circles from yellow cardstock (trace an old DVD or CD for the shape); fold in half to make the taco shells.

2. Write “Taco ‘bout a good friend” inside on one side of the fold. Squiggle white glue onto the other side and press green crinkle paper into glue. When dry, shake off excess crinkle paper and glue on small paper hearts. We used a ⅞ -in. heart hole punch ( $12.50; fiskars.com) to make ours.

3. Close the tacos and use Glue Dots to stick googly eyes onto the exterior of the tacos.

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You Take the Cake

1. Download and print cake templates here. Using the template, trace and cut out brown or cream cardstock cake shapes and patterned paper triangles and strips for frosting.

2. Glue frosting paper to cake bases with a glue stick. Add a line of tacky glue at top edges and press 1/2-in. pom-poms into place as more frosting.

3. Stick on googly eyes, and write “You take the cake” on the back with a paint marker.

I Only Have Fries for You

1. Download and print the fries-box template from here. Trace and cut out shapes from pink or red paper.

2. Assemble the boxes according to template, folding the bottom edges up first. Secure with double-stick tape. Add eye stickers to front.

3. Cut yellow pipe cleaners 3 to 4 in. long for french fries; fill boxes with fries.

4. Write “I only have fries for you” on boxes or on strips of paper that you fold around fries and secure with a glue stick.

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Here’s the Scoop: You’re Cool

1. Cut corrugated brown scrapbook paper into 23/4×41/2×41/2-in. triangles. Use a 21/2-in. round punch ($17; fiskars.com) to cut circles out of colored cardstock. Glue circles onto the flat sides of the triangles with a glue stick.

2. Decorate with 3/4-in. heart stickers for eyes and 3/4-in. pink office stickers cut into mouth shapes.

3. Write “Here’s the scoop: You’re cool” on the back, or print wrappers from parents.com/punnyvalentines. Cut out the wrappers and fold them over cones. Glue to back with a glue stick.

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