Everyone has their own rule of thumb they follow when it comes to cooking pasta because, let’s face it, although it’s filling and delicious in all of its forms, there’s nothing worse than overcooked pasta. Ditch the instructions on the box—with this “Al Dente” pasta timer you can make the perfect meal and be serenaded in the process.

Al Dente – The Singing Floating Pasta Timer: Will Sing Different Tunes when Pasta is Ready at 3, 7, 9, and 11 Minutes, to be Boiled with any Pasta in the Pot, Floats in Cold & Hot Boiling Water
The Al Dente timer is heat-proof and is meant to be put in the boiling hot water pot with whatever pasta you’re using. It will float in the water and sing different songs to signal how long the pasta has been cooking. At three minutes, he’ll sing “That’s Amore” which is a good benchmark for thinner pastas like Angel hair. Next, at seven minutes, he’ll belt out the Godfather theme song which is good timing for tagliatelle noodles.
For spaghetti, which should be boiled for about nine minutes, the timer will play “Tarantella Napoletana” and, finally, at 11 minutes, Al Dente will play “Prisoner’s Choir.” The handy tool is available for $25 on Amazon Prime right now, and reviews say that it does help people cook their pasta so that they don’t have to worry about setting a timer on their phone or keeping an eye on the clock.
Gadgets like these are increasingly popular as people are spending more time at home experimenting with cooking, and any way the learning curve for cooking time can be improved is worthwhile. If you can get a pasta timer that will sing Italian classics for you in the kitchen, what more could you ever need?

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