You’re probably doing a lot of cooking at home right now, especially as Thanksgiving is literally this week, and that can put a lot of wear and tear on your pots and pans. Or maybe you have been trying to make do with like a pot, a pan, and a spatula, and are on the hunt for a full kitchen set at a great deal! Either way, Chrissy Teigen has you covered.
Starting right now you can get a 22-piece Nonstick Aluminum Combination Cookware Set from the Cravings by Chrissy Teigen line at 80 percent off from Macy’s. The deal is special for Black Friday but, um, in case you haven’t noticed, Black Friday lasts, like, all of November now, so you can cash this in this second.

22-Pc. Nonstick Aluminum Combination Cookware Set
The set is typically $499.99, but right now is available for just $99.99. Yes, that is in fact $400 off!!! This set has it all from a cutting board to a stock pot to a measuring spoon set to a set of silicone tools. Our personal favorite part is the pre-seasoned cast-iron all-purpose pan that will sear up all sorts of delicious things for you this holiday. YES, this whole set is about $100 which honestly, you could expect to pay for simply one pan sometimes.
This deal will run through actual Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean you should hesitate. In case you haven’t noticed, Chrissy is kind of a big deal in the food world…and this deal, well, for lack of a better term, it’s also kind of a BIG DEAL. Need I say more?

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