Never underestimate the power of quality cookware. At first thought, the pots and pans you use might seem irrelevant. (After all, aren’t they just vehicles for steaming, searing, or sautéing your ingredients?) Not only can a well-made set heat up your food quickly and efficiently, but it also pack on the flavor.
If you’re looking to invest in one of the best options money can buy—but don’t want to completely break your budget—Amazon’s has some of the best prices around on a bunch of Staub cookware.

5.5-Quart Cast Iron Round Cocotte

10-Inch Cast Iron Pure Grill with Handles

3.5-QuartCast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte

Chistera Cast Iron Oval Casserole Dish
In case you missed it, the French brand has been the holy grail of cookware since its founding in 1974—and for good reason. For starters, Staub uses a porous, top-of-the-line cast-iron that gets seasoned with every use. This material can distribute heat evenly and efficiently and, when seasoned, add some extra flavor to your meal. Staub’s signature enamel interior is so elegant, you’ll actually want to show it off during a dinner party. (Remember dinner parties? Sigh.)
Plus, there’s something for just about every meal. Staub’s selection of cocottes and casserole dishes can be used to make everything from roasted chicken, to baked salmon, to ooey, gooey lasagna.Feeling festive? The pumpkin-shaped cocotte will give your kitchen an autumnal flair. Or, if you want to extend barbecue season well into the fall, you can pick up Staub’s cast-iron grill pan. Simply place it over your stovetop and you can have delicious burgers or brats whenever you please.
Can’t get enough of that pumpkin pot? Great news: It comes in a bunch of other colors and sizes. Shop ’em below!

Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte, 3.5-quart

Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte, 3.5-quart

Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte, 3.5-quart

Staub Mini Pumpkin Cocotte, 16-oz.

Staub Mini Pumpkin Cocotte, 24-oz
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