Gardening tips: How to repair and maintain your lawn

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Gardening can be a fun and enjoyable hobby – a new study has revealed that it can also be a great way to stay fit and burn extra calories, and it’s personal trainer approved. The study showed that gardening for an hour can burn more calories than going to the gym for the same amount of time.

The study showed that gardening for an hour can burn more calories than going to the gym for the same amount of time.

A case study showed that planting seedlings and flowers can burn 252 calories, which is the same as the average calories burnt during a gym workout.

The research was conducted by studying the smartwatch activity of 20 members of the public to discover the average calorie output of gardening jobs like mowing the lawn and raking leaves.

As part of the study, a personal trainer was consulted to determine the best methods of using gardening to boost fitness.

The study found that the most popular activity, mowing, could burn up to 435 calories for men, and up to 308 calories for women, when done for one hour.

Alternatively, the average gym workout burns up to 180 to 252 calories per hour, if training at a more athletic level, the calories can reach up to 360 to 504 calories per hour.

Kate Fromings from WhatShed explained:“With many people developing a love for gardening over lockdown, and as the gym isn’t for everyone, it’s exciting to learn that people can still get their daily exercise in without leaving their property.

“The idea that people are burning so many calories without realising it, may encourage people to stick with their gardening habits throughout winter, and even encourage others to start renovating and rejuvenating their back gardens, which is music to our ears.

What are the best activities for burning the most calories?

The top five gardening activities according to an internal survey of 1,400 Brits and the average number of calories burned in one hour for males and females are:

Raking and bagging leaves:
Male: 344 cals
Female: 241 cals

Planting flowers & seedlings:
Male: 356 cals
Female: 252 cals

Mowing the lawn (electric mower):
Male: 435 cals
Female: 308 cals

Weeding the garden:
Male: 356 cals
Female: 252 cals

Watering plants:
Male: 198 cals
Female: 140 cals

According to the research, the variety of weight-bearing and resistance exercise that gardening entails is beneficial to muscles and overall health, not just calorie burning.

The study showed that the average man could burn up to 340 calories, whilst the average woman could burn up to 240 in this example of an hour garden routine:

15 minutes raking leaves
20 minutes mowing the lawn
10 minutes weeding
15 minutes watering the plants

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