Weight loss advice shared by Steve Miller in 2019

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Julia Champion had several failed attempts at losing weight, including liposuction and fat freezing, before discovering one miracle method to look slimmer. She told Express.co.uk exactly how she transformed her body and confidence.

Julia began: “I’ve always had a bit of a belly, but my arms and legs are quite slim.”

After the birth of her two children, who were both born by caesarean, she felt self-conscious of the slight “overhang”, and decided to try liposuction in 2010 as a friend had enjoyed incredible results.

But what Julia experienced was not incredible, and can only be described as a “horrendous operation”.

She explained: “It worked brilliantly on my friend, and she went down from a size 16 to a size 12. I had exactly the same surgeon and I didn’t lose a single inch, a single dress size, or a single pound.

“They took two litres of fat away, and I know because I saw it in the container, which is about as big as a big bottle of Coke. But I really, really regret ever having it because before I was fat, but at least it was smooth fat.” 

Unfortunately, the operation left Julia’s skin bumpy, with indentations where the surgeon had put a cannula in.

Her recovery period was “horrible”, and she was forced to wear a “disgusting” girdle for six weeks afterwards, even to bed and in the shower.

The surgeon gave her the opportunity to have the operation again, and despite it being such an “unpleasant experience”, Julia gave it a go in the hope of reversing the bumpiness and actually losing weight.

Sadly, it was unsuccessful, and the operation left her with “loads of scar tissue”.

She revealed: “No matter how much weight I lose, I’ve always got unsightly fat that looks a bit like cellulite on my belly, which I’d never had before.”

Next, Julia went for a fat freezing session, which was unpleasant but not as horrific as her experience with liposuction, but that didn’t work either and the persistent fat remained.

Julia admitted: “I was getting a bit desperate.”

She tried typical weight loss methods such as cutting out bread and alcohol, and joining a “fancy” David Lloyd gym in Beckenham; she attended classes “all the time”, but still wasn’t shedding weight.

It wasn’t until Julia tried Lipofirm, a body contouring treatment, that she started to see real, tangible results.

After a course of just eight treatments, Julia said that she lost a staggering eight inches off her middle.

Goddess Aesthetics’ Jo Birch Jones, who administered Julia’s Lipofirm, explained: “It’s the best non-surgical body contouring machine on the market. It’s a bit like liposuction without the downtime, the anaesthesia and the recovery time.”

Julia stated: “When I look in the mirror, for once in my life I do actually look slimmer.

“It doesn’t show on the scales that much but appearance-wise it is amazing.

“I’ve got a waist for the first time in my whole life – and I’ve tried and tested everything.”

Unlike liposuction and fat freezing, which left Julia in extreme physical discomfort, she “actually enjoyed” Lipofirm and even fell asleep during one painless treatment.

The treatment has even partially reversed her scarring from liposuction.

Lipofirm transformed Julia’s life – as well as her waistline.

Previously wearing smock style dresses to hide her tummy, now Julia wears dresses and belts to accentuate her new waist.

“The only time I’ve ever felt confident about my tummy was when I was pregnant, because you’ve got an excuse for it sticking out.”

But now, gone are the days of feeling self conscious, and dressing to “disguise” her middle.

“The treatment has meant I can wear things that I never could have worn before. It has changed my life and boosted my confidence and I am raving about it to everyone with a problem area as it can work on bottoms and legs too – even a double chin.”

Julia Champion runs a management and PR agency for television presenters, celebrities and brands. 

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