This Morning: Michael Mosley discusses 800 calorie diet

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Karen Culverston, 64, a sales advisor from the Isle of Man decided to change her life completely after hearing a “very hurtful comment”. She achieved her weight loss goal thanks to Michael Mosley’s The Fast 800 plan and explained what is her secret to stay slim and avoid the yoyo effect.

“I have struggled with weight since I was about eight years old. My weight went up and down, but mostly up and was never stable. This carried on throughout my teens and early adulthood,” Karen explained.

“I tried every quack remedy – diet pills, acupuncture, meditation, bulking agents, special teas – you name it, I tried it. In 2009 after receiving a very hurtful comment from someone, I decided to go under the knife to sort the problem once and for all.”

Karen continued: “The comment in question was probably one of the less innocuous ones I had ever received, but it’s the one that lit the blue touch paper. 

“My husband, Phil and I had booked to see ‘The Big Ballet’, a Russian Ballet company but not one of the Ballerinas were under 15 stone.

“An acquaintance of mine was sat in the seat behind me. She tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Oh Karen, I fully expected to see you up there with the fatties’. I cried for days,” she admitted. It was then that I decided enough was enough and I was going to lose weight. I had endured worse comments throughout my life, especially when I was a Police Woman, but that one comment was a life changer for me.”

Karen explained how her weight loss journey began: “At this stage, I weighed 21st 9lb, and was massively obese, unhealthy and very unhappy.

“I had a Roux on Y gastric bypass and managed to get to 12 stone but soon enough the weight crept back on as I continued with the low fat way of eating, and I was yoyo dieting once again.

“I watched Michael Mosley’s TV programme and took in all the information from each episode.”

Karen explained the best thing about Michael Mosley’s diet plan is that it “tastes delicious.”

“I embraced everything the Fast 800 had to offer – the way of eating, the recipes and the exercise. I started cooking from scratch and the meals actually resembled the photos on the plan, and tasted delicious.

“I watched Michael and Clare’s motivational videos and within seven weeks I had got to my goal of 12 stone. I carried on with the 12 weeks and was 11st 4lb at the end. I am now on 5:2 plan, using TRE and two 24hr fast days a week. I am very happy and realise that this way of eating is with me for the rest of my life,” she explained.

“My energy levels are fabulous. I am 64 years old and feel like a 34 year old.

“I have lost a total of two and a half stone on the programme but it’s not just about shedding excess pounds. My mood is so much brighter, my sleep is amazing and I very rarely have the cravings and energy spikes that I have lived with all my life. This programme is my way of living forever.”

Dr Michael Mosley shared with what is the secret behind the Fast 800 effectiveness.

“It’s not so much a diet, as a bespoke weight loss planner, designed to fit around your own needs. It embraces time-restricted eating and the Mediterranean principles of consuming a diet rich in healthy proteins and vegetables and lower in carbs.

“Healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts are encouraged and the occasional glass of wine or bite of dark chocolate is allowed, so that people eat well, remain sated and don’t feel deprived. It comprises of three ‘approaches’ or options and is combined with advice on planning, exercise and mindfulness,” he explained.

But how can people like Karen keep their current weight and avoid the yoyo effect?

“Karen has now transitioned to The New 5:2 stage. However, eventually, she might decide to move on to The Way of Life stage which is more about long term sustainability.

“The Way of Life stage contains recipes that are free from added sugar and refined carbohydrates, and instead uses delicious healthy and fulfilling ingredients that will keep Karen’s blood sugars in balance and promote good health.

“Karen will now hopefully be on a great path for long term health,” Dr Michael Mosley said.

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