Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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After looking at pictures of her and husband Robert renewing their wedding vows, Anne Nicholson decided to make a charge. Feeling disheartened at the weight she had put on and after being mistaken for being pregnant, she made a very different vow to herself – to make healthier lifestyle choices and lose the “sluggish” feeling.

She went from 17st to 12st 7lb, dropping a whipping five dress sizes in the process and is much happier in herself.

How did she do it?

“I started my first weight loss journey shortly before my 40th birthday when I weighed in at over 17st,” she recalled.

“I was weight-shamed when someone asked me if I was pregnant and knew I had to do something about my weight as I didn’t enjoy being a big lady and the limited clothes available for my size.

“I struggled with exercise as I had no energy at all, portion size of the meals I was having, eating chocolate as I love chocolate, being the size I was and getting fashionable clothes to fit,” she admitted.

After being introduced to WW (formerly Weight Watchers) years before, she lost 96lbs (6st 8lb) and felt on top of the world.

Anne added that losing the weight also took its toll on her mental health, as she no longer felt uncomfortable shopping in certain retailers.

“Losing weight meant that I could go to ‘normal’ dress shops and no-one looked at me thinking I shouldn’t be in this shop,” she beamed. However, her weight loss was short lived.

“I relaxed then and soon went back to my old eating habits and the weight soon went back on,” she said.

“I then tried a different weight loss programme and again got down to a weight that I was happy with.

“People look at you differently when you lose weight and even don’t recognise you, while visiting Edinburgh my mum actually walked past me in Edinburgh as she hadn’t seen me for a while.

“Although I continued to eat healthily, the portions I was having started to get bigger and bigger and the weight started to creep back on I was a typical yo-yo dieter.”

Anne decided to go back to WW, and is now more than pleased with the results after finding other slimming clubs didn’t work for her.

“I had tried other slimming organisations and didn’t feel supported or valued as a member and their plans didn’t work for me,” she said.

“I realised that for me to lose weight I needed to look at portion sizes and be accountable.

“A friend opened a WW workshop and I offered to be her helper.”

She added: “As soon as I started WW, the plan had everything I needed to refocus and achieve my weight loss dreams.

“I felt supported, I loved the plan and was surprised how easy it was to follow.”

Prior to starting her weight loss journey, Anne said she “was a couch potato and did no exercise”.

“Now I am so much more active enjoy walks, my fitness classes which I try to do weekly,” she said.

Anne also became a WW coach herself, helping other women achieve their slimming goals.

“WW has given me my life back,” she said.

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