Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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Abbie Mattimore made a big change to her lifestyle after fighting numerous battles with her nutrition. Deciding enough is really enough, she joined a gym, overhauled her diet and ended up losing a total of 3st 9lbs.

And she hasn’t looked back since.

In the last 10 weeks, she has lost 1st 12lbs, and said it was the best thing she could have done.

“I’m pretty proud,” Abbie beamed before listing five key things that helped her slim down.

“150 work outs, 5 books, 75 days of consistent calorie tracking, 300 litres of water, no alcohol or cheat meals.

“Almost two stone lost and a completely new mindset.”

Abbie joined The Lean Body Project, that offers personal training packages.

They focus on all the different aspects of people’s weight loss journeys, ranging from training, nutrition, mindset, life coaching, habitual changes, accountability and workshops.

And her weight loss journey is even more important to her as she’s learnt how to manage her eating for the future.

She continued: “I overcame battles that I’ve been fighting with myself for years, especially with my nutrition.

“In just under 11 weeks I feel like a completely different person.”

She admitted that her journey was challenging at times and there were days that she “almost quit”, “cried”, was “too tired” and wanted “to eat everything in sight”.

But she pushed on to reach her goals.

“There were far more good days than bad and with a new level of discipline I pushed through the whole 75 days (10 weeks),” she beamed.

“I have learned a lot but more than anything how to love myself and put myself and my well-being first now that I know what I’m capable of.

“I could not be prouder of myself for all the progress I’ve made over these 75 days, both physically and mentally.”

With her new-found confidence, Abbie has now signed up to their next 30 day challenge, something she would never have thought to do before.

“I couldn’t ask to be a member of a better gym,” she said proudly.

“Joining almost two years ago is still one of the best decisions I ever made.”

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