There are three stages to the diet. The first in the Very Fast 800, a plan of 800 calories a day. The Very Fast 800 plan, could help you lose one and a half stone in eight weeks. The next stage is the The New 5:2. How does this work?

Michael describes it as “sustainable intermittent fasting.”

What is it?

The expert says: “Intermittent fasting is a highly effective way not just to lose weight, but to build a healthier, brain and body.

“This is why, after you have completed The Very Fast 800 stage, we recommend The New 5:2.

“Instead of keeping to 800 calories per day every day, you schedule two days a week as 800-calorie ‘fasting days’, and follow a healthy Mediterranean-style diet for the rest of the week.

“You can also jump straight to The New 5:2 if you find that your goals and needs are better suited to this approach.”

Why it works

Michael said: “On your fast days, your body will enter a state of ketosis, just as it would on The Very Fast 800 phase.

“You will lose visceral fat and achieve a better response to insulin.

“This, in turn, will make it easier for you to keep to sensible portions during the rest of the week.

“Fasting for two days out of seven also gives you a chance to experience the other benefits of fasting.”

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The expert claims the benefits of fasting include:

  • Clearing-out of old or damaged cells (apoptosis)
  • Tissue regeneration through the action of switched-on stem cells
  • Reduction in cancer risk, through a fall in levels of a body chemical called IGF-1
  • An increase in metabolic rate, caused by a rise in noradrenaline and human growth hormone
  • Increased levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). In brain cells, higher levels of BDNF are linked to greater resistance to age-related damage; lower BDNF levels, by contrast, are linked to depression and Alzheimer’s
  • Decreased inflammation, lowering the risk of an array of chronic diseases including arthritis, raised cholesterol, and atherosclerosis

Michael Mosley is an advocate for the keto diet, a high fat low carb plan.

On the diet 70 percent of calories should come from fat.

What drinks can you drink on the keto diet?

Keto diet drinks include coffee, tea and some fizzy drinks. 

Drinks to avoid on the keto are essentially any drinks with sugar in.

The list includes wine, as well as fruit juices.

Dr Mosley talked through the essentials of a healthy and balanced diet.

He explained that the key elements are fats, carbohydrates and protein – but there are “good” kinds and “bad” kinds when it comes to fats or carbs.

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