Michael Mosley discusses health benefits of drinking water

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Doctor Michael Mosley has helped millions lose weight, and get fit and healthy. One person who “transformed” their life was Mike Cunningham, a Head Teacher from Newcastle. He spoke to Express.co.uk about taking part in The Fast 800 and how he lost 4.4 stone as a result.

Mike had type 2 diabetes for many years before reading Michael Mosley’s book.

He decided to try an 800 calorie approach in a bid to lose some weight.

The teacher spoke about his motivation to change his lifestyle by what happened to his younger sister Angela.

“My beautiful sister Angela first developed diabetes when she was pregnant,” Mike said.

Nearly one in ten women develops gestational diabetes – high blood sugar levels – when pregnant.

Most find that their blood sugars return to normal after they give birth, but Angela’s didn’t.

Mike explained how his sister was on medication, and then later developed one of the common complications of diabetes, an infection in her leg.

The infection turned septic, and despite antibiotics, the infection got so bad she had to have part of her leg amputate.

She spent a further 16 weeks in intensive care as her doctors battled to save her life, but she sadly died aged just 45.

“The memory of Angie and her life support being switched off helped me start on the diet and kept me going,” Mike added.

“I was determined never to give in to diabetes or simply rely on medication.”

When he started on the Fast 800 approach Mike weighed 97kg.

In a couple of months, he had got his weight down to 69kg.

As the fat melted away, his waist also shrunk, from an unhealthy 95 cm (37.5 inches) to a very healthy 83 cm (32.5 inches).

Mike’s blood sugar levels also fell, as did his cholesterol.

So much so, he was able to come off all medication including insulin, metformin and gliclazide.

“There were hurdles,” Mike said. “Such as family celebrations, my work taking me away from home and I find it difficult finding restaurants or hotels with healthy options.”

But it got easier for Mike and his partner as they discovered the pleasures of eating real food.

“I want to thank everyone involved in this work from the bottom of my heart,” Mike concluded.

“I have learned so much about good foods and I have a much greater awareness of which foods are good for me personally.

“I now avoid processed foods totally. My life has been transformed.”

If you would like to embark on a similar journey to Mike, visit www.thefast800.com to sign up.

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