Keto diet: Rob Hobson suggests tips for meal preparation

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The keto diet is based on reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed in a bid to lose weight, and is the world’s most popular form of weight loss. The plan requires dieters to stick to a diet that’s low in carbs and high in fat in order to see the best results from the diet. When it comes to starting a keto diet it can feel difficult to know where to start, as there’s a lot of information to take into consideration. A lot of people worry about starting a keto diet because it can feel like everything has to be cooked from scratch, which can be rather time-consuming.

However, there are other options when following a keto diet, including using a keto home delivery service, where carefully calculated keto meals – from breakfast and lunch to dinner and snacks – are delivered to your door.

Knowing where to start with a keto diet can seem complex, but the key is to eat foods that are not just low in carbs, but that are also rich in good fats and fibre.

It’s also important to understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to keto – while some people have just 20 grams of carbs a day, others opt to have 50 grams per day.

What is a keto diet and how does it work?

The process of ketosis is the body using fat rather than carbs and sugar for energy.

To put the body into ketosis you need to restrict carbs and sugar to below 50g of carbs per day. This causes the body to burn stored fat for energy, leading to weight loss.

If you are a type two diabetic, lack of carbs in your diet may also help to manage your blood sugars and your diabetes.

The keto diet may also help with concentration levels and reducing brain fog, and can give you more energy for exercise.

What could a daily keto diet plan look like?

Breakfast: egg muffins, cheese omlette, or bacon and eggs.

Lunch: soup or chowder, stir fry with cougette noodles, or salad.

Treats & Snacks: keto tortilla chips, avocado chips, keto ice cream, or fat balls.

Why could it work for you?

People choose to follow a keto diet for a range of different reasons including: weight loss, for certain types of diabetes or epilepsy, to improve concentration levels or even as part of an exercise.

A well-designed keto diet is particularly good at getting rid of tummy fat.

The radical reduction in sugar, in all its forms, in the keto diet ensures that blood sugar levels remain very stable and there is no need for the body to produce and release lots of insulin which means that the body will turn on tummy fat for energy.

The key thing is the choice of keto diet.

For getting rid of tummy fat it is recommended to follow a low GI keto diet which is not super high fat.

However, to get the benefits of keto you really need to be on a strict keto diet for at least 28 days – with absolutely no naughty treats including carbs during that time!

It’s a personal commitment that people have to make if they want to try it properly.

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