Weight loss advice shared by Steve Miller in 2019

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While some what to shed weight quickly, others are looking to overhaul their lifestyle and make healthy changes to ensure any weight they do lose, they don’t put back on. With so many diets on the market, it can be hard finding the one that works. Express.co.uk spoke to Steve Miller, the UK’s straight talking weight loss expert, TV Presenter and founder of Fatnosis about his unique approach to weight loss that combines 80/20 meal planning, hypnosis and motivational interventions. 

As for why people find it hard to lose weight, Steve explained: “People find it hard to lose weight because from the outset they tell themselves it is going to be ‘hard work’. 

“We have wrongly developed a society where weight loss is seen as a chore rather than something that can be exceptionally good for our health. 

“Also, and some might not like this but so many people make excuses, blaming their medications, expecting others to do it for them and telling themselves they don’t have the time. 

“Of course, there are those who struggle to lose weight because of emotional and mental health challenges, which means a reliance on food for comfort can be an issue.” 

He added: “But even then, experience tells me that many are using the emotional eating reason as an excuse. 

“Finally, the other reason people find it hard to lose weight is that they rely on unrealistic rigid diets and soon find that they are boring and feel too straight jacket.

“Remember, diets can make you become obsessed with food, so avoid any diet that is unrealistic.”

In terms of Fatnosis and the results it can bring, Steve explained: “The one thing I make clear is that Fatnosis is not a diet. 

“It is a meal planning system that means people eat healthily for 80 percent of the time, and enjoy a bit of what they fancy for the remaining 20 percent. 

“I don’t like people to be denied eating and drinking what they want at special occasions such as parties and weddings, so I encourage people to ‘bank’ their calories for these special events. 

“How much weight is lost will always depend on the starting weight, but over a couple of months it is easily possible to lose a stone in weight. 

“Fads and quick fixes often fail badly, and whilst I acknowledge Fatnosis isn’t for everyone, it seems to be working for many,” he said. 

When asked whether hypnosis is a good method for weight loss, Steve replied: “Hypnosis on its own does not work for weight loss because the practical things such as 80/20 meal planning and behavioural portion are essential. 

“However, hypnosis adds significant value so long as it is motivational in delivery. 

“In addition, hypnosis supports self-esteem and confidence, so it plays a big part in helping emotional and binge eaters. 

“The Fatnosis style of hypnosis is strong in tone, and the emphasis is on commanding with authority, positive suggestions to the persons subconscious mind to ensure that the suggestions have stickability.”

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For anyone struggling with cravings Steve has some tips. 

He said: “Cravings can be a nightmare for many people including me, so I really do have to practice what I preach. 

“We must remember that losing weight is a challenge of the mind so learning to control cravings is an essential. 

“I recommend people plant warning signs in places where food is stored and in what I call ‘craving zones’ such as the car, the office and even the bedroom to help motivate them away from caving into the craving. 

“Also, it is essential to keep your mind fed, ensuring that you do not become bored because boredom often leads to a binge.

“And finally, do not have foods you crave in the house because they will mentally tease you,” he added. 

About Steve Miller 

Steve Miller is the UK’s straight talking weight loss expert, TV Presenter and founder of Fatnosis. 

Over 20 years, he has supported thousands with his unique approach to weight loss that combines 80/20 meal planning, hypnosis and motivational interventions. 

He has published four books and presented the hit TV show Fat Families on Sky 1, as well as presenting on mainstream TV in Holland. 

Steve is regularly seen contributing to news items in his bold, straight talking down to earth, warm imitable style. 

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