Workout: Cardiologist on the health benefits of walking

Exercising can help speed up the weight loss process as it can help to burn more calories. It can also help to increase the metabolism and enable slimmers to burn more fat. However there are certain foods that should not be consumed after working out for a number of reasons, including slowing digestion.

Experts from vegan protein powder PlantSupplements have looked into the specific nutrients of foods and snacks and have determined the ones gym-goers should never eat after a workout.

While exercise itself is important, refuelling the body after a gym or exercise session is also needed.

PlantSupplements said: “While you may have dominated that workout and burned lots of calories, choosing the wrong post-workout foods can impact all your hard work.

“The food you eat after your workout can be just as important as the actual workout itself. And many Brits, in an effort to quickly satisfy the body’s hunger signals after exercise, choose the wrong foods or reach for whatever is easiest.

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“Stick to food which will give you lots of protein and carbs, to help restore nutrients to your muscles and also provide much-needed energy. We are all different, and trial and error is a good way of finding out what works best for you and your routine is the best way to find what works, and what doesn’t.

“But there’s no point eating or drinking any old thing following a workout; some foods can do more harm than good.”

Spicy foods

The experts said: “Many spicy foods can be hard to digest, so anything with chilli sauce, salsa, or sriracha need to be avoided.

“We need to remember that after a training session, our bodies are in a state of repair, so we need to make life easy for our body and consume foods that can be digested quickly.”

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Eating the right nutrients after exercising can help your body repair its muscles faster, which will allow slimmers to exercise more frequently.

Fatty foods

PlantSupplement experts explained: “It’s not unusual to feel like you deserve a treat after a good workout, but it’s really important to skip the oils, or anything fried after your workout.

“Again the wrong fats will slow the digestion process in the gut and it will take longer for those nutrients to be processed and help repair muscles.”

Consuming too many fatty foods can also hinder weight loss as they tend to be high in calories.


While vegetables are encouraged on a healthy eating plan, they tend to be very low in calories and can leave gym-goers needing a lot more food.

The experts said: “An unusual food, but in this case, it’s not the nutritional value that is the problem.

“The problem is that you are wasting stomach space with empty and filling foods.

“After a good training session, calories, carbs and proteins are your priority and filling up on vegetables will take away stomach space and make you feel full quickly.

“In short, these minimal-calorie foods just aren’t substantial enough to help you restore energy.”

Salty crisps

PlantSupplements added: “Chomping through salty snacks like crisps can lower your levels of potassium, which is important to your recovery.

“Potassium is a mineral essential to your body for cell function and is a more important electrolyte than sodium.

“Because your body loses electrolytes during a workout through sweating, the last thing we all need is to deplete more potassium with a big packet of salt and vinegar crisps.”


The experts said: “Not a food, but it’s really important to note the negative impact alcohol can have on recovery. Drinking booze will dehydrate you, reduce protein synthesis and the only calories it provides are empty and offer menial nutrients.

“Going for a spin session, running 5km, or benching your personal best doesn’t warrant a celebratory pint or glass of wine.”

Consuming too much alcohol can also lead to weight gain as certain beverages like wine contain a high amount of calories.

The nutritional experts added that after exercising you may not be too hungry.

They explained: “It’s really important not to skip a post-workout meal. You need to nourish and replenish the body after exercise and it’s a vital time to eat. So don’t skip refuelling your body, even if you are on a diet.”

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