Natalie J Robb plays Moira Barton in Emmerdale, and has done since 2009.

She made her debut on the show in 17 July and now the character is a staple of the programme’s dramatic storylines.

Some fans have noticed Natalie J Robb’s weight loss in recent times. 

The actress has spoken out about what caused her to shed some weight.

Weight loss diet plan: Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb has surprising weight loss secret linked to the show

Natalie put her slimmer frame down to tackling hard hitting storylines on the soap.

Natalie told the Daily Star: “We were working so much we were flat out, in sometimes 10 to 12 scenes a day.

“You forget to eat. I have been just watching what I eat and stuff like that.

“I’ve not been training and not had time to train.”

The 44-year-old was eager to emphasises how she has come to terms with her curvaceous figure over the years.

She told the Mirror: “I was given these curves by my mum, and I’m not ashamed of them – we both have boobies and a bum that sticks out.

“For years as a teen I was ashamed, but I’m all about accepting my body.

“A lot of blokes have said to me that they like women with curves.

“You do get guys who like skinny girls – really they should just like boys then!”

Another TV star Caroline Flack’s weight loss has impressed the public. 

The Love Island presenter has lost over a stone before this year’s show.

With the help of celebrity trainer Bradley Simmons – whom the presenter is also rumoured to be dating – Caroline embarked on a 12-week-detox.

The regime involved intense workout sessions of a mix of weights, HIIT and cardio.

An internet user revealed the weight loss diet plan he used to lose 15 stone. 

The 6’2” man took to social media to publicly post pictures of his weight loss.

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