Lorraine: Nutritionist on the benefits of intermittent fasting

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Gabriela Peacock is one such nutritionist who often shares dieting tips on social media, as well as on television. The nutritional therapist has worked with many celebrities to help them slim down, including Piers Morgan. Gabriela appeared on ITV’s Lorraine this morning to speak about the best ways everyone can stay healthy and lose weight this winter.

Lorraine and Gabriela discussed many Britons’ habit of starting a new diet in January, giving themselves a clean slate after a normally gluttonous Christmas.

However, Gabriela noted “you can start now”.

Like many nutritionists, she recommended that slimmers try intermittent fasting as a weight loss method.

“I do love different methods of intermittent fasting,” Gabriela said.

However, she stressed “I do not like the word ‘fasting’”, adding: “It’s really not about not eating, but it’s about managing when you’re eating and how many calories perhaps you’re eating.

“For this time of the year I definitely love the 16:8 method of fasting because it’s very easy.”

Gabriela went on to explain this method, saying: “All you do is find an eight hour window during the day, which you then eat really healthy balanced meals.

“What I find is it’s not very stressful, it doesn’t require organisation – you don’t have to be planning.”

She added: “But it has great effect.

“Intermittent fasting is very, very healthy.

“There is very strong research on how healthy it is and the weight management is almost a side effect of this healthy eating regime.”

Gabriela explained there are different methods of intermittent fasting, with some stricter than others.

Essentially, it “depends on what your body needs”, according to the nutritionist.

“There’s no one approach to fix everyone because we are all very different and we live very very different lives.”

Gabriela advised following the 16:8 method because it is “really lovely, it’s really gentle, and you just eat really nice and balanced meals”.

The Sunday Times bestseller went on to explain that incorporating exercise into your daily routine is just as important as having a healthy diet.

“It’s really all about balance.

“There is no point beating yourself up – if you’re super super busy and can’t exercise for a week or two, so be it.

“Over Christmas, go and have long walks with your family, which is a lovely social thing to do but it’s also great exercise.

“You get some fresh air – it’s fantastic for mental health as well to get out of the house and see some sunshine.”

Gabriela concluded: “There are different methods of exercise and one has to find what suits you and your body and your life.”

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