Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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56-year-old Joanne Trimarco managed to lose a whopping two stone in eight months through exercise, after realising she packed on the pounds following an all-inclusive cruise. And noticing her results made her realise how much she actually enjoyed fitness.

She said: “The moment I realised I needed to lose weight was back in December 2018 when we travelled to UAE on an all-inclusive cruise.

“As it was all-inclusive, we drank and ate everything we wanted.”

But the reality of all the food and drink soon hit home for Joanne.

“Then we had to travel to Edinburgh for the New Year and when I tried fitting into my jeans, I couldn’t,” she admitted.

“Luckily, I had another pair of bigger jeans which fit me perfect, even though they were normally baggy on me.”

So, she used New Year as her one last hoorah before kick-starting her healthy lifestyle.

Joanne’s diet before she began her weight loss journey consisted of her biggest “downfall”.

“I was drinking a lot of alcohol, starting Friday until Sunday,” she explained.

“My food intake wasn’t too bad but had my bad days. Crisps were my downfall.”

But she began eating better, got herself back into the gym and found a more inspirational personal trainer.

“I was working with my PT twice a week and working out four to five times a week,” Joanne said; her dedication to the cause definitely showing.

She opted for either morning or lunchtime sessions to fit around her busy schedule.

And while many people fell off the wagon when the lockdowns hit, thanks to her new-found love for fitness, Joanne wasn’t one of them.

“I would do cardio and weights and when the gyms were closed due to lockdown,” she recalled.

“I bought a spin bike and free weights and would exercise at home and would go walking every day.”

Joanne found that although her tough workout sessions were doing the job, her muscles were aching more and more.

This eventually began to impact her performance during her workouts.

She said: “Due to working out on most days, my muscles would be sore so I could not push myself the following day, so a friend mentioned trying CurraNZ – New Zealand blackcurrant extract.”

New research has found that anthocyanins in dark berries, such as New Zealand Blackcurrants and those found in the CurraNZ product range, are an essential dietary supplement for athletes and recreational users, with performance gains of up to 11 percent amongst their many benefits.

The multitude of benefits contained in one berry have been proven to make exercise easier, boost muscle recovery and enhance cardiovascular function.

Alongside her fitness regime, Joanne’s diet also had a total overhaul: “I now only drink alcohol when I go out and use a calorie and fitness tracker on a daily basis,” she said.

“I don’t drink alone at home – not even through all the lockdowns.”

She revealed she will only choose to drink alcohol on special occasions or Zoom calls with her friends, restricting it to “one evening at the weekend”.

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