Ruth Langsford reveals she’s completed 5k challenge

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Ruth Langsford is a busy woman, presenting This Morning during the summer holidays alongside husband Eamonn Holmes, as well as hosting several QVC fashion edits each week. The 60-year-old’s success comes down to organisation and ensuring everything is well prepared in advance – including her meals and making time for exercise. Ruth regularly updates fans on her fitness and eating habits and she recently shared her easy meal prep routine.

On Sunday, Ruth took to her Instagram story to reveal her meal prep ritual for Monday’s breakfast.

In the clips, Ruth was a making hard-boiled egg with a side of ham and tomatoes.

The presenter used a egg boiling machine, telling fans they could get one from Lakeland, and all you had to do was add the correct amount of water into the base of the egg cooker, pierce the egg and place it into the tray.

The lid was then added and the machine turned on, and once the light went out, the egg was cooked.

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As for what she had for lunch, in another Tupperware box, she had prepared a salad which consisted of olives, tomatoes, melon and feta.

It may have been a simple and rather light lunch, but This Morning fans will be aware of the tasty lunchtime meals the guest chefs prepare in the studio which Ruth and Eamonn then get to eat.

In terms of exercise, earlier this year, Ruth signed up to the Couch to 5k challenge – a running plan for absolute beginners.

The plan involves three runs a week, with a day rest in between and a different scheduled for each of the nine weeks.

Ruth has remained transparent about taking part in the challenge, updating her one million Instagram followers with how she has been progressing.

Last week, she completed the Couch to 5k challenge and was left in disbelief having “gone from struggling to run for more than a minute to running for 30 mins non stop”.

Ruth said she “realised how important positive, mental attitude is” and told fans she had to “talk to herself through every run”.

Despite having “a few fails and a small muscle strain” Ruth finished strong and said she “deserved a gin [and tonic]” to celebrate.

On top of the running plan, Ruth is regularly seen walking the family dog, Maggie.

She tries to get 10,000 steps in a day and uses a FitBit to keep track.

The TV favourite previously admitted to being a size 12 for most of her life.

However, Ruth put on two dress sizes when she entered menopause aged 50 and blamed it for her weight increasing.

Speaking to Woman Magazine back in 2019, Ruth said: “Eventually I went, ‘Ruth, just admit it, you’re now a size 14.’”

She did reveal her weight dropped when she took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2017 but admitted she couldn’t “recreate that kind of exercise in real life”.

Ruth now focuses on designing clothes that make women feel good no matter what size and enjoying a sherry with her mum on a Sunday when cooking a roast dinner together.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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