Rebel Wilson discusses her decision to lose weight in 2020

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Rebel Wilson, 41, has lost an incredible amount of weight over the past couple of years. The Australian actress recently explained why she became a comedic actress, what it was like to be a plus-size actress in the industry and the reasons for embarking on a Year of Health and losing 5.5 stone. 

Rebel said: “Being bigger I was kind of the normal size, maybe more on the athletic side when I was a teenager.

“And then I had something called polycystic ovary syndrome [PCOS] and one of the side effects is that you can gain weight rapidly when you’re 20/21.

“So obviously I knew I was a bigger girl so I was like ‘you just got to embrace it’, so that’s why I went into comedy acting because I knew how much power comedians can have, people, are more likely to laugh at people they don’t want to have sex with.”

Rebel then explained how most comedians “often have something physical about them that’s abnormal” – hence why they take up comedy.

She said: “Those people tend to go better in comedy, so I turned what a lot of agents said was as a disadvantage into my advantage.”

The actress spoke about her role in Pitch Perfect and said: “I just loved being Fat Amy. And I just loved being that character, it is interesting how people get into comedy and stuff.”

As for whether Rebel has ever been fat-shamed, she revealed: “It’s so weird because a lot of actresses have a fat-shaming story, particularly around photoshoots. 

“I only had one story where I rocked up – this was before I had my most amazing stylist – I didn’t really have a stylist and they didn’t have any clothes to fit me, they put this scarf around me – just me with this silk scarf draped around me. 

“Weirdly, I just think people didn’t mess with me because they knew I was very secure in myself.” 

She added: “But then I teamed up with my amazing stylist and I was the only plus-size girl she had on her books, but I never had that situation, [where] she didn’t have clothes that didn’t fit me – and [lots were] gorgeous glamourous clothes from designers. 

“It was never really an issue, but I know a lot of women have struggled.” 

Rebel went on to discuss her Year of Health and whether she found it difficult being in the industry after losing so much weight. 

“I was body confident and very body positive being a size 16-18 which I have been for most of my life and now I’m a size eight or 10 in American sizes. 

“I definitely had people not being supportive of that life change,” she said. “Being bigger I didn’t have any serious disease, I was getting checked for diabetes and things like that, but I didn’t have anything. 

“But I knew secretly my emotional eating was unhealthy – that is not a healthy way to deal with emotions – whether they’re happy or sad emotions, stress, work emotions. 

“I know deep down I can’t keep doing that, I’ve got have a healthy option for my life.” 

Rebel went on to say: “It’s hard because I’m travelling around the world having this amazing life, making lots of money and having a great career, I’m so proud of everything I’ve achieved – just wanted to be in one Hollywood movie and now I’ve done 20.

“But then I just knew ‘I’m turning 40, I know I can be healthier’. 

“Even though I loved myself being bigger, it never stopped me from doing anything really. 

“And then I was like ‘Okay, I’m going to make the big change and lose excess weight that my body doesn’t need to be carrying around’, and I had quite a lot of pushback from that. 

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“People were like ‘why, why would you want to change? You’re awesome as you are.’” 

Rebel’s response to that was: “‘Yes I know that, but I also know I’m engaging in some things that aren’t healthy and I’ve got to work on that.’” 

As for whether her weight loss has changed the roles she is offered, Rebel told the presenters of the Life Uncut Podcast: “[It’s] opened up dramatic roles that I wasn’t getting considered for before – which is awesome. [It’s] really cool to now be seen in that light.” recently revealed how Rebel lost so much weight. 

The actress explained how she walked for an hour a day and followed a high protein diet, but remained in a calorie deficit of 1,500 calories a day. 

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