Queen Letizia of Spain sports summer dress for royal visit

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Queen Letizia is one of the most elegant European royals, admired for her elegant style and slim figure. But how does the Queen of Spain manage to stay in such good shape?

Queen Letizia’s former personal trainer, José Ignacio Hernández-Coronado, said the Spanish monarch practices weights exercises every day.

The trainer explained the Spanish monarch follows three very effective exercises to tone her arms.

“Bicep and shoulder curls combo, as well as pulley triceps extension.”

He said “an exercise routine for a minimum of three days a week focused on toning biceps and triceps is vital” to achieve similar results, and he claimed anybody can do these exercises at home.

Jose Ignacio explained people can get Queen Letizia’s toned body without going to the gym but practising the same routine at home.

“I’d suggest exercises where you use your own body, or using very basic material such as dumbbells and rubber bands.

“You would have to perform a combination of toning exercises, that is, with less load and greater volume of work, and strength exercises, or what is the same, greater load and less volume of work,” he explained.

An insider and close friend of the royal family once revealed: “The queen performs biceps curls exercises with weights, barbell or TRX, every day.

“She always recommends, when someone asks her, to do wall triceps dips.

“You don’t need more than your own body weight and a wall, that’s her favourite exercise.

“And then she is addicted to the exercise bike, with which she does a class with music to burn a lot of calories. If the king is free, he joins his wife’s gym routine.”

Queen Letizia is reportedly a gym shark and likes to work out every day, but apart from weight exercises, she also practices Iyengar style yoga.

“She is extra disciplined with her sports routines,” a former worker of the Zarzuela Palace explained.

“She is an early riser, gets up around 7am.

“Usually takes advantage of that first hour to do some running through the Zarzuela gardens.

“The queen also has a personal trainer who comes to the Palace every morning.

“She trains in the family’s private gym, and she does weight exercises, some cardio and boxing. But she is hooked on a modality yoga called Iyengar.”

Iyengar style yoga differs from the traditional kind in that it places special attention on holding each pose for longer.

This kind of yoga is highly beneficial not only to lose weight but also to reduce anxiety, prevent bloating and tone the body.

Iyengar style yoga is considered one of the most effective to lose weight.

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