According to reports, Queen Camilla appreciates a meal fit for a Queen just as much as she values a simple, reasonably-priced dish.

This certainly applies when it comes to breakfast. There are always plenty of eggs, for instance, at royal palaces.

King Charles and Queen Camilla have both been known to be passionate about eggs.

At their home in Gloucestershire, Higgfrove House, the royal couple keeps English Orpington chickens, which lay rich, brown eggs.

The former Instagram page Clarence House, which updated royal fans on King Charles and Queen Camilla’s engagements when they were the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, previously shared a recipe for “cheesy baked eggs”, which the couple were said to enjoy for breakfast.

With a substantial portion of protein and wholesome greens, this meal is packed with health benefits for the 75-year-old Queen Consort.

Although Queen Camilla likes to keep healthy, she spoke out against the destructive dieting culture four years ago in 2019.

She told The Daily Mail: “It is this ridiculous dieting, cutting out dairy and all the things that are good for your bones.

“These girls see ‘Skinny Lizzies’ in a magazine and they all want to be thin.”

The Queen Consort dislikes diet culture, but she does favour eating a balanced, organic diet.

Personal trainer Sarah Campus previously told “The Queen Consort leads a very healthy lifestyle with her husband King Charles.

“Camilla particularly enjoys eating hearty meals using fresh produce, a lot actually which is produced on their estate.”

The expert explained why Queen Camilla’s skin glows, despite getting older and approaching the age of 80.

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Sarah explained: “At the age of 75, Camilla’s complexion is glowing and a lot of this is down to what she consumes being so organic, colourful and varied.

“Camilla believes in a balanced diet without restrictions and doesn’t believe in any of the fad diets.

“She feels that cutting out dairy for example is ridiculous as such an important source of calcium for joints and bones.”

The royal homes are renowned for their beautiful gardens. The causes of sustainable agriculture are championed by both Camilla and Charles.

In fact, King Charles oversaw the transformation of their 21,000-acre Sandringham Estate into a totally organic farm.

Fresh vegetables are constantly available at the royal home due to their love of gardening. Charles and Camilla are said to plant enough fresh food to supply their kitchen with plenty of food all year long.

The Queen Consort admitted to You Magazine in 2022 that she enjoys cooking with high-quality products and seasonal vegetables.

Camilla acknowledged that she likes to eat a substantial portion of seasonal produce. She admitted that she frequently uses kale, broccoli, carrots, and courgettes in her cooking.

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